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Daniel Thwaites Shire Horses Celebrate 50 Years

The Big Horse Shop has designed and custom made rugs to commemorate 2010, a year of celebration for Daniel Thwaites Shire Horses.

2010 marks fifty years Lancashire brewer Daniel Thwaites’ reintroduction of horse-drawn deliveries after they ended in the 1920s when the company switched to motor transport.   

The Daniel Thwaites stables have enjoyed phenomenal success over the last half a century. In an eight year period, the Shires have won the world renowned National Championship six times, which is the ultimate achievement and recognition for a Shire horse and its team.

Further success has been enjoyed at The Royal Show which the Shires have won four times in the pairs. They won the pairs, singles and team events at the Great Yorkshire Show and have enjoyed further wins at every major county show throughout the UK.

This year also celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Shires’ being awarded a Freedom Scroll of Honour by the Mayor of Blackburn in 1985. Honoured in recognition of their commitment to the city of Blackburn, this was the first time ever that a roll of honour had been awarded to horses.

Daniel, Bomber, Wainwright and Midas were presented with embroidered wool show rugs, fleece coolers and quarter sheets.

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