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Epic Classic Lunge Cavesson

Epic Classic Lunge Cavesson


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Part number: EC-LC
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NEW for 2017

Epic Classic Lunge Cavesson

The Epic Classic Lunge Cavesson is designed to allow a more subtle communication between handler and horse when lunging, without placing pressure on the horse's mouth the way a bridle would.  Three D-rings strategically placed to attach the lunge line: one at the top of the nasal bone and one each side of the noseband. Three adjustment points: Head, Jowl and under nose. Browband, padded noseband and under nose for extra comfort, both pads detachable for washing.

  •  Strong Webbing
  • 3 Strategically placed D-rings
  • Adjustable in 3 places
  • Detachable padded nose and under jaw band
  • Browband
  • Cob, Full/Hunter, Draft
  • Temporary Photo shows Cavesson being used with the Epic Classic Training System which is available separately

The Epic Classic Lunge Cavesson can be used with a snaffle bridle. Place the cavesson under the bridle, with the noseband of the cavesson under the bridle cheekpieces. You may need to lengthen the bridles cheekpieces and remove the cavesson to reduce bulk. The noseband should be just below the cheekbone, several inches above the nostrils sitting on the nasal bone, and fitted snugly. The jowl strap should be snug to prevent the cavesson from slipping into the horse's eye.



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Rating: 5.0
28th August 2017, 16:16:49
Fab! Lots of padding around the nose and the two adjustment points around the neck give a really snug fit.

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